Wednesday, May 19, 2010

(Not so) Wordless Wednesday


I’ve never joined in on the whole Wordless Wednesday thing. Not because I dislike it, because I don’t. I actually really enjoy looking at all the pictures as it requires less brainpower than reading. I just have a hard time being, well… wordless. If you know me in “real life”, you know I like to talk. A lot. Being quiet around me really isn’t an option because I will hound you until you speak. It’s a gift really. That being said, I did snap some cute pics of the offspring that I wanted to share. DH was able to mow our swamp last night and it now resembles a backyard again, albeit a mildly soggy one. 

Mother Nature has also cut me a break by giving us not only SUNNY SKIES but also a nice balmy temp of around 72. Jeez, I sound like time and temp. And now your local extended forecast… er. Wait. What was I saying? Oh, right. The pictures. I was getting to that. Since it’s pretty damn gorgeous out, I ushered the kiddos (minus the napping 1 year old) out as soon as breakfast was finished. Granted there was the usual fighting over stupid shit, like dandelions and sticks, but for the ten minutes where they ran around giggling at the simple joy of being out of the house? That? That was bliss.

Being their mother (well for two outta the three), I did my part by stalking them around the yard with my camera.  Here’s a few favorites:


My Buggy Boy isn’t too sure about the whole grass thing yet, but he’s getting used to it.



  She wanted to climb in this tree.  I may or may not be responsible for showing her this new found activity. After I snapped this one, I had a flashback to my senior pictures (only she didn’t fall out of the thing like her graceful mama did). If I was artsy, I would name this something like “Nut in a Tree”. Get it?!?

So there ya have it, my VERY un-wordless Wednesday contribution. Happy snapping everyone!


  1. Love the picture of your little tree nut and I can't really shut up for a WW either. Pics have to have captions, no?

  2. Thanks for commenting on my jewelty post. Wow..a kitchen utensil as preset!! Ur DH should be on the Sh-- List...LOL!

  3. Dude, I majorly SUCK at Wordless Wednesday. I can never shut my big mouth...hello, that's why I'm a blogger:)

    And your kids are so cute I kinda want to eat them.