Thursday, May 20, 2010

I need to bleach the baby

First off, I need to point out that it’s raining again so a big EFF YOU goes out to Mother Nature today. I feel like I live in a frickin’ rainforest anymore. Well ya know, minus the forest part and all.

Earlier, I took Nut upstairs to change her diaper and persuade her out of her Tinkerbell jammies, leaving Bug down in the living room playing with his toys. I should mention he was out of my sight for all of maybe three minutes. Of course in baby time, three minutes is more than enough to get into something so Bug didn’t disappoint. Here is what I came down to find:


Little guy had been playing IN THE GARBAGE CAN. Queue the gagging. The shrieking. The desire to don a haz-mat suit and hose him down. Have I mentioned I’m a bit of a germaphobe? I probably have the only toddler who sees hand sanitizer and immediately starts demanding it be put on her hands.  Needless to say, this really grossed me the hell out. It was too good to pass up though -and he was already chewing on a banana peel for God’s sake, the damage was done – so I grabbed my trusty camera and took these. Good for blackmail the baby book. He was having a grand ole time though, check him out:


Yeah, he is whipping that peel around like it’s a damn party. Too much Miller Lite perhaps?

It was there that the picture taking stopped because after he started doing the helicopter, I about peed myself. And when I say about, I mean I actually did. But only a little. And we’re both cleaned up now. 


  1. This whole post is hysterical! Thanks for the laugh this morning, and I think I'm going to have to link to this on my blog on Saturday :)

  2. Oh my GOD that cracked me up so bad and I really did have to pee, and I think I did. Crap. How did you stop yourself long enough to get a picture? I'd have been gagging too bad.

    Thanks for stopping by Heligirl for the blog party. It's great meeting you. Thanks for the laugh I needed!


  3. That is too funny...good thing you always have your camera ready :)

  4. I'll admit... I cringed when I saw that picture. The first thought was OMG, the GERMS! Then I thought back to the many things I (and my older son) ate as a young child and that doesn't seem so bad. I remember when I found my son chewing on a live lizard. Don't worry... no animals were harmed but that poor thing probably had to seek therapy after being gnawed on.

  5. Okay, that is just hilarious!!! Love your posts :)