Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Love My Stalkers

It's 9:30 at night and I'm feeling old and tired and lame, but I am going to muddle through this post before dragging my tired arse to bed. Keeping up his usual tradition, DH left me to stress the fuck out worry about finding something for his grandma for Mother's Day. I suggested a hanging basket ("Don't know where she'd hang it"), a potted plant ("My grandma's old. She just wants to smoke her cigarettes and take care of her dog"), jewelry ("She's old and has nowhere to wear it") and was shot down each time. Finally I took Nut to the mall after dinner and bought a candle. Unoriginal but whatever. I'm tired of freaking out about it. So much for a stress-free Mother's Day, right? It's been a long day and my brain hurts. That being said, let me move on to the real reason for this post: Mother's Day Mania!
I've been having SUCH a good time with that this week, I'm kinda sad to see it go tomorrow. Today's theme is what you love best about being a mother (or an embarassing mom moment but I'm skipping that. I'd like to end the day with the warm fuzzies, not feeling like a jackhole). So here it is, a random - because that's the way I like it - compilation of just SOME of what I love best about being somebody's mommy:

I love my kids. Love, love, love, LOVE them. It's true that you don't know just how much you're capable of loving someone until you become a parent.

I love the way Nut yells, "Mama!" when I walk in the door and runs to me for a hug and kiss, no matter if I've been gone at work for 3 hours or at the grocery store for 15 minutes.

I love the way that Bug is such a Mama's Boy and grabs onto my neck for snuggles.

I love the way Nut says "Wuh ooh" (Love you) right after I give her a kiss at bedtime.

I love when both kids have their jammies on and we all cuddle up on the couch for a bedtime story. I even love the way Bug grabs the book and tries to eat it while Nut screeches at him in a decibal so high that the dog runs away.

I love that they make the house more lively. I love watching them learn, seeing the world through their eyes, and sharing their excitement at the littlest thing.

It's true. My kids drive me absolutely bonkers at times but I can't imagine my world without them in. Don't want to. Not to quote Jerry Maguire, but my babies complete me. :)

I'll end this with a story from Wednesday night. The kids and I ran a couple errands and on the way home, I swung by Starbucks. My 2 year old, who idolizes her mama, started bouncing in her carseat as soon as she saw where we were pulling up too. "Mama, icee too pease?" She calls Frappucinos "Icees" btw). "Peeeeeassse?" Who could say no to that? We came home with our drinks, I put Bug down and then ran Nut a bath. At her demand, I got in too. When DH came home from class, he walked into the bathroom to me and my girl soaking in a tub full of Dora bubbles, me at one end with a caramel Frap, Nut at the other with her Vanilla Bean (i.e. coffee-free) Frap. After he saw us, he started laughing whichh gave me and Nut the giggles. Once DH shut the door, Nut leaned back against the tub just like I was doing and remarked with a smile on her face, "Mama, I happy". She wasn't the only one.


  1. Gah, she's so cute! And she and I share a love for Vanilla Bean Frappuccinos. Happy Mother's Day to you! Hope you enjoyed your day.

  2. Okay, so this post almost made me tear up. That's the sweetest thing EVAH!

  3. The bath sounds delicious...and I'm not just talking about the frappucinos:) I too cannot resist cutie butt little girls!