Sunday, August 30, 2009

Four's Company

We are officially a family of four now. Finally! Last Sunday, the 23rd of August, we welcomed Baby R into the world. I cannot believe he is already a week old. I waited so long for him to get here and now time is just flying by. Makes me weepy. Although that could just be the hormones still a-ragin'.

His birth story, more for my own memory, than for entertainment:

Got to the hospital at 7am as instructed. Checked in, walked (or rather rode the elevator) up to L&D, and got all settled in. The nurse jabbed the hell outta me to get an IV in - still have a bruise from where my vein rolled and she kept moving the needle around trying to locate it - but finally after ten minutes or so, got it in my hand and started me on a bag of fluids. I laid in the bed watching that drip, drip, drip and waiting for the go-ahead from Dr. K to start the pitocen. Apparently it was everybody-have-your-baby day there because they were insanely busy. The pitocen was finally started a little before 9:30 and I was pretty encouraged by the fact that I immediately started having strong contractions that were 3 minutes apart. Silly me thought that that meant I'd have a speedy delivery. Yeah, not quite. When they started the pit, the resident who checked me told me I was dilated to a 1 and 70% effaced. Dr. K had told me 5 days prior I was at a 1.5 so how I could dilate backwards is beyond me. Different finger sizes I suppose. Anyhoo, they didn't check me again for over 4 hours and at that point, I was only at a 3. WTF? The contractions were hurtin' like a mofo and I'd only dilated 2 cm in that time frame? I figured eff it and got my epidural around 1:15. I was a happy camper after that of course. Watched TV, read, took a nap, and spent too much time on Facebook. Gotta love WiFi. The nurses kept telling me that the doctor would be in to break my water soon and that I was next on the list, but I kept getting bumped down on the so-called list every time somebody else decided to push. They didn't want to break it and have my labor progress so quickly that there was no doctor to deliver the baby. FINALLY around 5:30 the resident came in and ruptured my membranes. I was at a 6 and 90% effaced at that point and that is where I stayed for what felt like frickin' forever. At one point, the nurses and Dr. K came running in and made me flip to my left side. I was in a weird continous contraction pattern and Baby R didn't like it. His heart rate dropped and of course, completely scared the crap outta me. R did the same thing during her birth and I was so hoping I wouldn't have to go through it again. Anyways, they turned the pit off, gave me a shot to stop the contractions, and had me wear an oxygen mask for about 20 minutes. Thankfully Baby R recovered quickly and when they came to check me again a bit later, I had progressed to an 8 without the meds. They went ahead and slowly restarted the pitocen and again we played the waiting game. Finally a little after 9:00, I started feeling some pressure. I called the nurse in, she checked me - complete, yay!! - and called for the doctor. Things went really fast then. The little bit of pressure went to holy-crap-hold-out-your-hands-I-can't-not-push and after 5 pushes and 5 minutes, Baby R was here!

Official stats:

Born at 9:20 pm
Weight 6 lbs, 10 oz
Length 19.5 inches

He looks a lot like his daddy, namely with the dark hair. No redhead this time. He is absolutely gorgeous and we love our little man. R is starting to warm up to him too and likes to give him kisses and help me with him. More on that later though, DH offered to take a feeding shift so I'm off to soak in the tub. Gotta seize and savor those rare moments of me time.

Friday, August 21, 2009

T-Minus 2 days

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be my last full day of ever be pregnant* (see bottom). It's kind of bittersweet. As is the case with pregnancy, I feel like I have been getting the life sucked out of me for FOREVER, but still have that wow-it's-already-here bewilderment. While I have complained during quite a bit - okay pretty much all - of the past 39 weeks, there is still parts of being up the duff I quite enjoy and will actually miss:

~Feeling the baby kick and move.

~Having an excuse to go through a bag of mini 3 Muskateers every week.

~Being told to "take it easy" every once in a while instead of being expected to have 6 hands, 4 sets of eyes, an endless supply of energy, and ample amounts of free time to cook, clean, and keep things in order.

~An excuse to nap.

~How nice people can randomly be to pregnant women. I've had my empty shopping cart taken back to the cart corral for me, offers to pick up heavy things in stores, and last week a waitress brought us a huge dessert just because I was prego and R is so cute.

~My huge prego boobs. When they're not leaking of course.

I blogged something very similar right before R was born and I obviously loved those aspects enough to allow myself to get knocked up again. All the pain and discomfort and sporatic gagging is well worth it and I cannot wait to meet our little guy on Sunday. Only 2 days to go!

*This is the plan. Don't laugh. We are done having kids.**

**Unless of course my husband doesn't follow through on his promise to get a vasectomy and I reneg on my threat of snipped-or-celibacy. Even then it would be an accident. But I swear we're done!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eviction Notice

Dear Baby R:

This letter is to inform you that unless you choose to do so on your accord, you will be removed from the premises (i.e. my womb) this Sunday, August the 23rd. While I have enjoyed many of the experiences we've had during your stay - who could forget passing out at the county fair? - I feel that the time is right for you to come into the big world. Please consider this your official notice.

Love, Mommy

That's right people - I'M BEING INDUCED! Let me just say it again: I'm being induced! Never have I left a doctor's appointment with such a spring in my waddle. I went to my 38 week checkup this morning (obviously) and the first thing the nurse tells me is that my ob is on call this weekend and would probably induce me if I wanted. Um, YES! When my doc came in the room, he offered and I took him up on it. He is moving out of state and his last day is next Friday so he said he wanted to make sure we got the baby out before he left. I don't care what the reasoning, I was just focused on the fact that I won't be pregnant for much longer! I have to be at the hospital at 7am Sunday morning, unless the little man decides he wants to come on his own before then. My body is actually cooperating. I am dilated to 1.5 cm now (progressed over a whole cm in 6 days) and am almost all the way thinned out. Dr. K also said he could feel Baby R's head. Not surprising since I feel like if I sneeze, he'll fall out. I'm surprised he didn't reach out and give the doctor a high five.

So now the countdown begins!!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

No rest for the weary

First off, in case you hadn't guessed, I'm still with child. 13 days 'til my due date though. He has to come out at some point right?? *sigh*

Yesterday morning , after almost 18 months of being a parent, my husband uttered the beautiful words I have been begging to hear every morning when R starts babbling for a year and a half: "You stay in bed, I'll get up with her." I swear I almost wept tears of joy. I happily rolled back over (as well as I can roll anyways) and snuggled down into my mountain of pillows. I could hear DH talking to R, telling her to go into the kitchen while he got her some breakfast. I hear her giggle. I hear her little footsteps go running out of her room, into the hallway... and then into our bedroom. I kept my eyes shut, hoping she would turn around and leave, but no such luck. Instead she came up to me, nose to nose, and says "what you doin?!?" I started laughing because it's her newest thing to do and she says it with this funny little high pitched tone, which I know she picked up from me doing the excited Mommy voice to her. You moms know what I'm talking about. DH came in and told her Mommy was sleeping and to leave me alone, but she would have none of it. She kept coming and pulling on my hand. I'd tell her I was coming, she'd run out of the room, and then promptly come right back to see if I really was coming. Eventually I had to. So no sleeping in yet again. But I guess it's the thought that counts, right?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eff you too, cervix

Things on my shit list today:

* My ob. Sure the rational part of me understands that he had to go perform emergency surgery this afternoon, but the less-rational pregnant crazy part of me is really irritated I had to see a different doctor. One who kept me waiting pantsless in a hot ass room for over 35 minutes. By the time he came in, my rear was stuck to the paper on the table. The only thing that made it better was that the guy sounded exactly like Borat.

* My cervix. Alllll those contractions and I'm only 40% effaced and according to the Borat, "maybe 1/2 cm" dilated. What. the. hell. I'm going to be pregnant forever. Like a damn elephant - 2 years gestational period. Grrrrr!!!

* Starbucks. The aforementioned #2 problem has completely done a 180 and now I'm back to needing coffee. After my appointment, I chucked out $4 for a decaf caramel mocha, only to come home and have the lid pop off, causing me to drop it and spill about $2.35 of it on my fricking carpet.

* The pressure of the baby being so low. This is major overshare, but the only way to fully get across the level of uncomfortableness (is that even a word...?) I'm experiencing: It's as if there is so much weight pushing "down there", I feel like my b'hole is a damn wind tunnel. Seriously. I told DH last night that if I farted, it'd probably whistle. You may be horrified I told my husband that, but he responded by asking if he could yell into it to see if it would echo. It's true what they say - there really is somebody out there for everyone. Perfect match. haha.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just kidding, Mom!

Yesterday evening the ol' Braxton Hicks started in and were pretty constant throughout the night. About 10:45ish, I was relaxing in the tub and I started to have some cramping along with the tight belly feeling. It happened a few more times and each time was a little more intense, with the pain spreading around to my back. Not wanting to excite DH for no reason, I didn't mention anything and just waited to see what would happen. The contractions kept getting stronger, more consistent, and longer. I attempted to go to sleep, but they kept me awake. By 12:30, I was up walking the house, and they were 6-8 minutes apart and lasting 30-45 seconds each. I really thought I would wind up going to L&D at some point in the night. But then, just as randomly as they'd started, they stopped. I kept laying there staring at the clock, thinking Seriously?! It's been 6 minutes. 7. 8 minutes now. 9. 10. and then it was 25 and I'd had no more. I fell asleep around 1:45 and while I did get woken up at 2:30 with a pretty strong one, that was the end of my contractions. So much for being in labor. While I expect some false alarms (joys of pregnancy, whoooo), I just wish it wouldn't have occurred while I was trying to sleep! So yeah. I'm still pregnant. I just hope I don't have false labor for the next three weeks. Tomorrow I have my 37 week checkup and I FINALLY get my internal check. Here's hoping for a few centimeters!

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm officially full term!

I hit the 37 week mark yesterday, which means I'm officially considered full-term. *throws confetti* Whoooooo! I have been telling Baby R he can exit the womb at any time now, but so far it's not working. I think I may be going soon and not just because duh, I'm due in 3 weeks either. I could just be looking for signs and convincing myself that everything is lining up, but still. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty regularly since Friday and have had some real contractions too. Friday night and last night I got woken up from some pretty intense ones. Of course nothing consistent but some contractions are better than none, right? I also think I started losing my plug yesterday. With R, it didn't come out in one glob (that sounds so gross, sorry all you non-pregnant people), but in bits and I saw some yesterday afternoon during one of my 500 bathroom trips. My stomach was upset last night and today I just feel... blah. Pleasepleaseplease Powers that Be, make this mean my little man is coming soon!

On the R front, my little shit has absolutely no idea how her life is about to change. She will be 18 months old here in about 2 weeks. I can't believe my little baby is already so old. She's doing so much and I can already tell we are going to have our hands full. Stubborn as a freaking mule and she's a stereotypical redhead - feisty as all hell. I am interested - and okay, slightly scared - to see how she reacts to having a little brother. God help us.
She got her first haircut the other night. It was only a bang trim, but still the first time scissors have touched that pretty head of hair. I don't know how I feel about them; I'm not a bang person to begin with. If they don't get swooped to the side, she looks like a long-lost member of The Beatles. Luckily she has her daddy's amazing ability to quick-grow hair so they should be hanging in her eyes again in no time. Hopefully by then, she will have gotten over her obsession of pulling out her ponytail holders and I'll be able to keep it pulled back without the bangs.

Well. This was kind of boring. But thus is my life. Keep your fingers crossed that Baby R will be gracing us with his presence here in a few days....

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Okay men, I get it now

Oh my Lord, I am SO uncomfortable!!!! Baby has dropped so far that my stomach is hanging down and touching my thighs. It's driving me INSANE. If this is how men feel when their balls stick to their legs, then I completely forgive them for constantly adjusting....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just a quick update...

Still pregnant. Boob no longer leaking. One outta two ain't bad.

I had to share this story I found amusing before I forget it (mom mush; it happens): A few weeks ago I bought myself a new loofah for the shower. R was with me when I got it of course and was obsessed with playing with it in the shopping cart. When I gave her a bath that night, she pointed up to it in our shower caddy band and told me "I want that". I was tired and not in the mood to argue (because really, arguing with a 17 month old is pointless) so I gave in, put her body wash on it and let her have at it. It became her loofah after that. I had to use my old one which I thankfully had not yet pitched. We went to Wal-Mart on Friday and I found a toddler-sized one in the baby section. I made a big deal out letting R choose which color she wanted and she sat clutching it in the cart, happy as a clam. When I got it out that evening during bathtime, she eyed it somewhat suspiciously. I lathered it up with soap and handed it to her. That child looked down at it, looked at me like I was nuts, tossed it over her shoulder, and then pointed up at MY loofah and told me, "I want that!". I tried a few more times - unsuccessfully mind you - before finally just giving her mine. My old one was grimy so I chucked it and now the tot is using one as big as her head while I have one the size of the palm of my hand. Toddler 1, Mommy 0.

Better run. I have to go to the ob in an hour and I'm still in my pajamas. I even made a personal goal last night to have pants on by noon today too. Fail!