Friday, August 21, 2009

T-Minus 2 days

I cannot believe that tomorrow will be my last full day of ever be pregnant* (see bottom). It's kind of bittersweet. As is the case with pregnancy, I feel like I have been getting the life sucked out of me for FOREVER, but still have that wow-it's-already-here bewilderment. While I have complained during quite a bit - okay pretty much all - of the past 39 weeks, there is still parts of being up the duff I quite enjoy and will actually miss:

~Feeling the baby kick and move.

~Having an excuse to go through a bag of mini 3 Muskateers every week.

~Being told to "take it easy" every once in a while instead of being expected to have 6 hands, 4 sets of eyes, an endless supply of energy, and ample amounts of free time to cook, clean, and keep things in order.

~An excuse to nap.

~How nice people can randomly be to pregnant women. I've had my empty shopping cart taken back to the cart corral for me, offers to pick up heavy things in stores, and last week a waitress brought us a huge dessert just because I was prego and R is so cute.

~My huge prego boobs. When they're not leaking of course.

I blogged something very similar right before R was born and I obviously loved those aspects enough to allow myself to get knocked up again. All the pain and discomfort and sporatic gagging is well worth it and I cannot wait to meet our little guy on Sunday. Only 2 days to go!

*This is the plan. Don't laugh. We are done having kids.**

**Unless of course my husband doesn't follow through on his promise to get a vasectomy and I reneg on my threat of snipped-or-celibacy. Even then it would be an accident. But I swear we're done!

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  1. Love your disclaimer! LOL Best of wishes and lots of love on Sunday!