Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where to begin…

I keep asking myself that question. As you all know, I’ve had a busy busy crazy weird last few days. But you know what? I’m okay. Maybe reality hasn’t sunk in all the way, maybe I’m in denial…. or maybe, just maybe I really am okay. Whatever it is, I am feeling at peace and taking a whatever will be, will be approach to my life. If you know me IRL, you know optimism isn’t exactly my strong point. But I’m trying. And it’s working.

Keeping in that spirit, I’m going to do my first ever Thankful Thursday post. It is Thursday, right?…. :: checks calendar:: Yes, Thursday. And ps: How is it already September?!?!?  Sigh.

Things I am thankful for the last week:

* My kids. As much as they drive me batty with their antics, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I had my first evening away from them last night and it.sucked. It was quiet in the house and I had NO idea what to do with myself from 6:30-8:00, when I would normally be in the midst of the bedtime routine. Love the chaos, love the noise, love my babies.

* Friends that were there for me over the weekend. That aforementioned bff from TN? Yeah, she rocks. And is my rock at times. Luv ya, lady. :)

* The old woman at Target who took it upon herself to tell Nut she knew Santa and would pass on the message that she had been a good girl all year. **coughcoughyeahright** After that, my 2 year old handed over the $50 Jessie doll she was carrying around (convinced I was buying it no matter how many times I’d told her no) without so much as a whimper, just so that “Mrs. Clause” could take it to the North Pole. God bless that woman! Every time Nut’s thrown a fit for something since, I mention one Mr. S. Clause and she immediately stops.

* That I got a job. I HATE that I’m leaving my kids – all of ‘em, even the two I babysit – but I am SO thankful I was able to not only get the offer in today’s economy but that I did so after not working (besides my p/t retail gig) for so long.  It boosted my confidence, lemme tell ya  - not to mention my checkbook.

* Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Oh, Starbucks how I love you and your overpriced refreshments. Now if the weather would just cooperate enough for me to switch from the iced decaf to the hot, frothy one, I would be in heaven. Take note, Mother Nature. I’m ready for fall.


I just noticed I have 99 followers. 99!!!  Just one away from triple digits! In honor of the momentous occasion, I’ve decided to do a GIVEAWAY!!! That’s right! If I get just one more follower, taking the number to the big 100, I’ll give…..

myself a trip to the hair salon!!!!!


Wait, did you think I was going to give you all something??

Yeah, no sorry. I’m on a budget, people.

And my hair is bad. Really bad.


I mean, just look at that! The roots! Ugh. Excuse the weird bald spot I have going on. It was roughly around 136 degrees out and my hair was sweaty and laying in a weird way. Also, I hadn’t washed it in two days. Obviously, I wasn’t planning on being in any photos.

What was I saying??? ……

Oh yes. If you’re stopping by for the first time, please follow. You’ll get a few laughs and be supporting a good cause:

Fixing my effed up hair.



ps: Also, if you’re feeling really charitable, can ya give me a lil’ clicky love please? In my absence from the internet, I slipped a spot in the humor category on Top Mommy Blogs. Apparently I’m the only one who votes for my blog. Nice. Anways, A VOTE FOR ME IS A VOTE FOR....

well, still me. But do it anyways. Pllleeeeaassee!


  1. I Love your funny...and PSL...but you know this already. Off to vote, I go. I think people would vote more often if they got little stickers for it, like the polling place hands out...

  2. I love you! Wait, isn't that the second time I said that today? Hmmmm...

    Ahhhh the PSL. Yes, the weather has to be just right for those. Unfortunately that doesn't happen here for another few months.

    I'm glad things are going OK for you and congrats again on the job! It sounds like a fresh start all around.

  3. I'm your 100th! get your hair done!

  4. Voted for you!!! You're hysterical!

  5. When we were talking earlier, I thought to myself that you should do a giveaway for having reached over 100 followers, but I know how you feel about that so I didn't mentioned it. When I started to read about a giveaway I was surprised and thought that is so not her...but after reading the rest, I said to myself "now that's my Nicky." Oh and I didn't notice your roots because I couldn't get past staring at your NUBBIN! lol

  6. I am new here! Would love you to come visit me too :)

    Have a great day!

  7. Great 'thankful' post. Sounds like you really are 'okay' with everything that is happening. Sometimes it is good to reflect and be thankful :) And now have followers...yeah!! Oh, and I did notice that little bald spot..LOL!! Have fun at the salon :)

  8. Congrats on the job chickie! You're already on your way to independence. Hang in there. I know it's so hard to be away from the little ones, but it sounds like you have the right attitude. There is a plan and you look like you're following it. :Hugs: