Monday, September 6, 2010

Misc Monday: Cloudy with a chance of tears

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters



(one) Tomorrow marks the beginning of the end of my stint as a stay at home mama. It is also Nut’s first day of preschool. Conditions are favorable for me blubbering like a baby.

(two)  Saturday was spent on a road trip up near Chicago to hit up Ikea. Not because I was planning on buying anything, mind you, but because I wanted to see if I liked a couch as much in person as I do in the catalog (PS: I do. Maybe more.) While there, I decided to utilize the GPS on my Droid to get from Home Furnishing Heaven to the mall. I was pretty impressed as my phone immediately pinpointed my location and began spewing out directions: Go straight 400 feet. Turn right on Golf Rd. Turn Left in 500 feet….. Yeah, I looked up and the mall was literally ACROSS THE STREET. I felt like a dumbass.

(three) Thanks to the ol’ TCP discount – as well as their Labor Day sales – I picked this cute little number up for Nut today:


Not for Halloween, mind you, just because…. well I don’t know why. Because I have Mommy guilt about my impending job perhaps? Because she is spoiled? Because I can’t walk into that store without buying something? Regardless of the reason, she looks pretty stinkin’ cute in it, no? Boots and all.

That’s all I have for today. I’m tired and burnt out on doing anything that requires more brainpower than sitting on my couch in a daze. Luckily for me,  the RHONJ reunion (part 2) is about to start. Let the brain rotting commence!


  1. I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Sorry I haven't stopped by in awhile. Hope you are doin ok. I've been swamped with school starting that I've gotton waaaay behind on my bloggy friends. Life needs to stop getting in the way of my readings!!! ;o)

  2. Hope you have a great day tomorrow. I love going to Ikea. Sometimes it is just a neat place to walk around and get ideas.

  3. She is so stinking cute, spoiled, guilty, or not! IKEA is always fun, and always worth the drive! I hope you have a great first day's the beginning, sister, it's the beginning!

  4. I love the dress! So cute! If only Rylie liked dresses...

    I hope your week is going well.

  5. Big changes ahead...but it will be good :) Love Nut in her dress...she can always play dress-up with Christopher. There is never a time when he is not in costume! What did u think of RHONJ? I was thinking there would be more fighting..LOL. Kind of disappointed in all of the 'hugging' at the end :)