Thursday, September 9, 2010

The next American Idol


My kid’s a rock star. A sideways rock star since Mommy is an idiot and can’t remember to turn her phone the right way to take video, but a rock star nonetheless. And yes – Bug’s real name is Reid. I’ve managed to unveil his secret identity in the process of showcasing his talent. Epic fail!


  1. Soooo funny, I've done that so many times too!! I have loads of sideways videos and keep them all!
    Reid did a great job, little superstar!

    I just joined as a follower.

    Please follow back at to see my big superstar and little superstar.

    I'd love to have you join!

  2. Haha! Cute! I wouldn't have pegged you for a country music fan, though. I guess I had that wrong.

    OK, I'm off to steal Reid's identity now...