Wednesday, September 8, 2010

(Not-So) Wordless Wednesday: Preschool!

Well I made it through yesterday’s 1st day of preschool without as much of an emotional breakdown as I thought. I guess the fact that my daughter could not have cared less that I was leaving helped dry the tears. Seriously. She skipped to the car, wouldn’t even stand still to take a picture:

preschool That’s a look of sheer excitement, huh? Traitor.

Babbled alllll the way there, practically sprinted across the parking lot. Gave me The Look when I delayed her descent down the steps for more pictures:

preschool3 Picture? Bitch, please.


And when we got the room, she just walked off and left me. No hug, no kiss, no please-don’t-leave-me-Mommy:

preschool2 Salt in the wound, CHILD I GREW, salt in the wound…

When I went to tell her goodbye, my eyes welled up with tears.

Mommy’s gonna go now, okay? I’ll be back later. You have fun and be a good girl. I love you, Princess.”

Very Hallmark Movie moment. Until she replied.

Wook, Mama! I got a chicken! Bawk bawk bawk!”

Gee thanks.  Couldn’t she have thrown me a bone and at least pretended she wasn’t pumped to be there?

Le sigh.


  1. Enjoy it! Seriously. I would give anything to have my kids act like they didn't care if I left them. It beats having to peel one off of your upper body while the other one is trying to tackle you to the ground. Oh, and the screaming...

    I'm glad she did so well! Where is the update about how her day went? There has got to be a funny story in that at some point, right?

  2. I swear some kids dive right into school and never look back....she is obviously one of those kids. It is better than her being the opposite. I have seen kids throw tantrums like someone was torturing them when their mom left the room! Sad that we are all saps and they don't even care :)

  3. So much better then the other way around. Just think about what an independent little girl you have raised to be ok to leave her mommy with no problems.