Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th – they look happy…right?

I’ve been neglecting my blog the last week. So much going on, I can't slow my mind down enough to sit and write. I’ll be back soon though, promise! In the meantime, here’s my favorite of all the (failed) attempts to get my kids together for a picture today:



Apparently “Look at Mommy and smile!” is code for both "look away” AND “hit your brother in the head with a stick.” Go figure.

I tried to get all fancy with it this evening to waste pass some time, but it still looks like my 2 year old whopping her infant brother in the head, only now it’s in red,white, and blue. A patriotic beating if you will.


Happy 4th of July!!


  1. Wouldn't have noticed the stick if you hadn't mentioned it! Perhaps she was leading him in a song..........

  2. LOL! At least you only tried to get the two kids together. I tried to get the whole family together in our matching Old Navy shirts. What a fiasco that was! You still got a cute picture, though, even if she is trying to hit him with something. I wouldn't have noticed it either.

    I hope you guys had a Happy 4th! I'm making the rounds trying to catch up with some of my favorite blogs, so I hope you'll be back soon! :-)