Wednesday, July 21, 2010

(Not-so) Wordless Wednesday: Cack cack

My little Nut is starting part time preschool in September. Twice a week, she will leave the nest and spend two and half hours finger painting with twelve other 2.5 year olds. It’s enough to make me weepy just thinking about it. God help me when she goes to Kindergarten; I’ll need a support group to deal with the trauma. We were at Toys R Us the other night trying to find ideas for Bug’s 1st birthday (a little over a month away, *SOB*!!!) when Nut spotted the “cack cacks”. Since she’s going to need one anyways – and they were throwing in a free lunch box with it – I let her pick one out. She’s been wearing it ever since, along with this goofy ass hat I got on the clearance rack at The Children’s Place over the weekend. Contrary to how she looks, she will NOT be attending the Jason Mraz School for Toddlers:



Quality sucks, but I emailed them from my phone and didn’t adjust the size before saving.  I learned my lesson looking at these but am too lazy to sign into my email to adjust and resave.

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  1. She looks like a cute! I am sure she is going to have a blast at school. I cried when Christopher went to the 2 1/2 year old cheesey. But it is nice to have a few hours without a child..LOL! I am with you on the kindergarten thing..I am sure I will a basket case when that time comes.

  2. I love her look! Adorable! Isn't it funny what these little girls get attached to?

    Oh, and she will be fine when she will go to school. You won't be the first day, I'm sure, but she will have a blast!

    Thanks for linking up with me today! Happy WW!