Thursday, June 10, 2010

An Eye for an Eye, A Tooth for a Cheek

As soon as the kiddos all went down for their naps, I figured I had two choices. 1) Do laundry  2) Catch up on all the posts on my Google Reader. Needless to say, all my clothes are still dirty, but I am finally all caught up on what’s been going on in the world of my fellow bloggy moms. A lot of you have babies around the same age as Bug. I love to read those since most of the time I am emphatically shaking my head while reading because YES, my baby SOOOOOO does that too! Today though, I came across two posts that kind of bummed me out. Shannon at Webbisodes and Jill at The Chronicles of Corbin both blogged about their babies walking already. Walking. At 10 and 9 months respectively. That’s pretty damn impressive, huh?? Bug came over to check out Shannon’s cute video of her little one buzzing around and started laughing. As I was watching him cruise along the furniture towards me, a terrible thing happened. My inner competitive nature reared its ugly head. When he finally got to where he could get a better look at my laptop, I pointed to the video, and said, “Slacker. That baby’s walking!” He giggled so I repeated myself in that dumb high-pitched Mom voice (you know the one), “Yeah! You’s a slacker! A chunky monkey SLACKER!” He reached his arms out to me in what I thought was a request for a hug. He wrapped his roly poly arms around my neck, opened his mouth, and leaned towards my cheek to give me one of his slobbery kisses. Or so I thought. Do you know that little shit BIT ME?? Clamped right down on my cheek and held on for dear life. All seven of those teeth dug in and it took me screaming my head off for him to finally let go. He laughed manically when he was done too, almost as if to say Eff you, Mommy. Nobody calls me a slacker! Evil, evil infant. I tried to take a picture of the offending teeth marks he left, but thanks to a trip to the water park yesterday, I have so many fricking freckles that trying to find the mark was like some sort of fucked up game of Where’s Waldo,The Ginger Addition. Apparently Bug was repentant because when I came back into the room, he’d put himself in jail.


He looks like he was in there thinking about what he’d done, doncha think?


  1. Too funny!! He will walk when he is ready. Don't rush will never sit again :)

  2. HAHAHAHA! Baby jail!

    Lil Mootz didn't start walking until around 1 year. And now he won't stop... I've forgetten what it's like to sit down... :)

  3. My first walked at 9.5 mo. My second at 13 months....I prefer the latter :) Now, you are going to flinch and hold your breath every time he goes in for a kiss!

  4. Bryce has started biting too! Little stinkers we have!

    And don't feel little guy isn't even crawling yet, and I don't think he ever will. He is cruising, so he will probably just walk. Who knows when that will ever be, though. They all do things at different times. Of course I compare because it is hard not to, but I don't worry about it.