Friday, August 20, 2010

Meat Parfait

Yesterday my friend and I took our kids, plus one I babysit, to the Illinois State Fair. That made for two adults, five kids under 4, and 90 degree weather. I thought I was going to have a fricking heat stroke after pushing 60 pounds of children around in that damn big rig of a double stroller I own for five hours. I can’t complain too much though; they were all surprisingly well behaved and had a great time. The only downer was that I was too damn hot to properly graze my fat ass through the food vendors like we had planned. Vinegar fries for breakfast and a corn dog for lunch and I was about to puke. I dreamt about the cheese on a stick I didn’t get the whole drive home. Oh well. One thing I wasn’t sad I missed was chocolate covered bacon ::gag:: heave::puke in my mouth:: and this thing called a Meat Parfait. In theory, it probably wouldn’t taste all that bad (layers of  barbequed pulled pork or brisket and mashed potatoes, complete with drizzled barbeque sauce and a cherry -tomato that is- on top) but just the presentation icked me out. And the name. It sounds dirty. Like you’re in a bar and some skeeze ball walks up and says, “hey baby, you want some of my meat parfait?”  I Googled it and came across this Chicago Tribune article. It has a picture too since I know you’re all DYING to put an image to the name.

This outing was the first time in many, many years that my state fair activities involved something more than walking in, going to concerts, going to the beer tents, and drunk eating my way back out. The kiddos slid down a fire pole, ooh’ed and awe’d  over farm animals, and petted some furry (and one slimy) friends. For your viewing pleasure, a small photo montage:



 The bestie from TN was due 2 days after me, although I was induced 2.5 weeks before she was. We’re always so excited to see the babies together and they always disappoint by ignoring each other.




Bug’s first taste of vinegar fries. He LOVED ‘em. I forgive him for not liking cake now. If he liked the way I had those puppies swimming in vinegar, he’s definitely my child.

IMG_4103 Mini donuts are yuuuuuuumo

IMG_4123  A Vose’s corndog. Best.corndogs.EVER. And I consider myself a connoisseur so my corndog word is Word. 


dIMG_4113 Nut’s boyfriend might be a future fireman.

IMG_4134She poked the frog in his eye right after this pic.


IMG_4148 Freshly painted face, riding the train. She was ecstatic.


IMG_4151  I wanted to do the same thing by the end of the day.

I was so wiped out by the time we got home, it was a struggle to stay awake after we got home. The kids napped and I sat in a daze, staring at the TV but not really watching what was on. I’d say it was all worth it though, I needed a fun day like that to put a smile on my face.

I’m still wondering if I can finagle another trip out there for that stupid cheese on a stick though…..


  1. Looks like you had a fun time! I'm glad you were able to have a day like this - you needed it :)

  2. Fun! Oh, and some funnel cakes, or elephant ears...fair food must haves for me. I'm from Illi. Are you Southern or Northern?