Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Birthday for Bug

I can hardly believe that my little man turns 1 tomorrow. It seems like I wished away so much of his first year with my prayers that he grow out of his colic stage, his milk allergy stage, his constant crying phase, his Nocturnal Baby stage, his overly excessive pooing stage, his…. well, you get the point. Little man had a rough start and although it has been well over a year since I have slept through the night, I wouldn’t trade him for the world. If they ever invent Baby Ambien though, I’d still offer him up for the clinical trials…just so long as I got him back at the end of the day of course.

Yesterday we celebrated the Big One with friends and family. I was nervous that our cookout would get rained out – biblical type flooding in my basement AGAIN late Friday night, GRRRRRR – but the weather held up and we had a great time. As much as I want to touch on the weirdness I felt telling my in-laws good bye, as if there was a sense of finality in those hugs, I won’t. At least not yet. This is happy post weekend, remember?? And because I have been a picture postin’ fool the last week, the required photos:

IMG_4178 DSC02031

DSC02033IMG_4182 DSC02059 DSC02052DSC02060 IMG_4228 

The last one is my very favorite, he is definitely wearing a holy shit look. Every time we were at Target the last few months – and okay, we all know that is a lot – he was mesmerized by the overpriced robotic  Buzz Lightyear they had on display. Since we were kind of at a loss as to what to get the baby whose favorite toys are electrical cords and the garbage can, DH decided he needed the Buzz. I really truly think Bug was in shock when he opened it. I’m sure he’ll be in shock again if he’s ever allowed to play with. Nut has high jacked it, currently the two are taking a nap together, convinced that it is real. She keeps responding to Buzz’s questions  -“Are you still there? “Yeah, Buzz. I here. I payin’ wit the farm.” – and offering him snacks. Last night she was in the kitchen and said, “C’mon Buzz. Walk in here pease!” I’m not sure how to explain to her he is just a toy. She has watched Toy Story so much, she’ll probably think I’m lying. Oh well. It’s at least entertaining to watch.

I’m sure tomorrow I’ll be extra weepy (and probably spend the better part of my day sniffling over Bug’s newborn pics) but I’ll survive. Little guy still has one more gift to open – a Little Tikes Cozy Coupe – which means his sis still has one more gift to steal.


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  2. What a cute little guy! My daughter is almost 8 months, I can't even imagine her 1st birthday yet but I know it's going to come quick! Please visit me at

  3. Looks like Bug had a great birthday!! You are so right... that is definitely a look of SHOCK in that last pic and I love it! I am totally with you on how a first birthday is full of mixed emotions.... still can't believe my Abby is one!

  4. Happy Birthday to your little one! This is going to be a very emotional day for you I'm sure. I love that conversation between your daughter and Buzz.

    My little one just turned 1 a month ago, and it seems like he now grows faster than ever.

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  5. Happy Birthday to him!! Looks like he had a great was a hit. And the cake looks so yummy!

  6. Love that last picture and that Nut thinks he's real! Kids are so cute!

    Thinking of you!