Friday, March 26, 2010

The best cure for whine is wine

It has been another One of Those Days today. Nut fought sleep last night and was still up at midnight singing about choo-choo's. My hatred for Thomas the Tank Engine makes me blame him. I was hopeful she'd sleep in today, but no. She was up at 6:30 before my alarm had even gone off. And yeah, she's in about as good a mood as you would think. Bug is about as pleasant today also. He is trying his damnedest to crawl on all four's, but all he is succeeding in doing is pissing himself off. He gets up, rocks back and forth... and then goes backwards. And then cries about it. It has been one hissy fit after another all afternoon so aside from his brief nap, I've been listening to him and his tearless cry for about three hours. It got old after five minutes. To top it all off, I caught a plague from one of the three kids that had the sniffles and had to go to the doctor this morning. It's just a sinus infection, but wouldn't you know tonight is my much-anticipated night out? My MIL is keeping the kids overnight and I'm supposed to go out to see a band with a few friends. I'm going come hell or high water, but I guess I just won't be able to taste my beer. That may not be a bad thing though, I guess I could drink the nasty cheap crap and not know the difference. Natty Light? Why yes, I think I will. Can't taste it anyways. And with that, I better get going. Bug is trying to use Mo as a launching pad to push off of and instead just rammed his toe in the dog's arse. I need to disinfect his foot now....

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