Friday, February 26, 2010

Potty Training:

Sucks. I have the most stubborn child in the world, I swear. Nut's first time using the potty two weeks ago has been her only time. She'll sit on it - for ten seconds - but that's it. The last few days she has taken to removing all her clothes and stripping her diaper off. When I tell her she needs to come with me to get a new diaper, she tells me, "Diaper stinky." After catching her running around the house in the nude three times before 9am this morning, I thought maybe I'd try her on the training underwear Gerber makes. I put them on her, went to go change the baby's diaper, and next thing I know, here she comes toddling out of her room.... with the underwear on her head. Serioulsy. I asked her what she was doing and she pointed and said, "Hat!" Um, no. I got them back on the part of the body where they belong and brought her potty downstairs into the living room, but she wanted no part of it again. I think we made some progress though because after fifteen times of asking her if she wanted to sit on it, she finally said yes - and then peed on me as I took her to the chair. *sigh* It should be an interesting day. Bug is constipated from teething (3 teeth at one time this round) so the GI's nurse had me give him some prune juice. God help me when that serves its purpose....

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