Monday, September 28, 2009

Is that your stomach or a braile book?

After I had R, I was pretty excited about the fact that I hardly had any stretch marks at all. What little I did have were almost unnoticable after a few months. I figured Baby R would be the same. Sadly, this is sooo not the case. I was getting dressed yesterday afternoon and caught a glimpse of my belly in our full-length mirror. What.the.hell. My stomach looks like a frickin' topographical map. If you look really close, I swear you can see the Rocky Mountains. I only gained 10 lbs the entire pregnancy so I find this extremely unfair. You'd think -- or at least I did -- that since I was only un-pregnant for 10 months, my stomach wouldn't have regained it elasticity anyways so I shouldn't have gotten any stretch marks, let alone enough to make it feel like the braile menu at McDonald's. Right?? Right.

Not that it really matters too much, I just felt like complaining about it. I'm not off flashing my stomach around to people - I wouldn't want to expose anyone else to the horror - and if DH doesn't like it, well then, good. Maybe it means I won't have to put out.

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