Saturday, October 9, 2010

I’m a lazy shit.

Get your whining boots on people, because it’s on like Donkey Kong.

I can’t believe I haven’t updated this thing in like…what…. two weeks? Epic failure on my part. Do you want to know what happened in those two weeks? I lost two followers. So guess how super awesome THAT makes me feel? Sure it could have been the over share about pissing my pants that did it, but I tend to go the more negative route and blame my absence. That way it’ll eat at me every day. Now every time I play the God, I need to post about (fill in the blank with random shit) but Gaaawwwd, I’m so tired game, I’ll worry that if I don’t just suck it up and do it, my readers will start dropping like flies. If there’s any of you left.

And yes, I am superficial and worry about the number of followers I have.

Sue me.

Work has been draining me. Not the actual work portion of it, mind you, but the effort I have to put forth every morning to get everybody up and dressed and moving and out the door in a timely fashion. Then I have to go to work and do the job. And when I come home and the kids cry and hang on my leg, effectively giving me their very own unspoken toddler Fuck You, guess what? That makes me even more tired. So when they go to bed, want to know what I do? I sit my ass on the couch.

And I enjoy it.

Sometimes I watch hours of TV. Sometimes I fall asleep at 9:00. Sometimes I take an hour long bath. But most nights, I don’t even think to open my computer.

Sure there are numerous times throughout the day where I think Man, I wish I could update the ol’ blog, where I have dozens of thoughts swirling around in my head. But then…

Then I come home.

And Jesus, I’m tired.

So for those of you that have stuck around? Please continue to do so. I PROMISE I’ll be back soon.

I even have something to post!

But I’ll get to that tomorrow.

After I sleep.

Because Jesus, I’m tired. 


  1. I figured that you have been busy. I am missing my daily laugh that I always get from your blog. I will be here...even of the rest of the followers leave :)

  2. No wonder you lose followers. You promised us a post "tomorrow" and hmmmm, I don't see it. ;-)

    I will always be here! I am behind on blogging and reading blogs these days, so I know how it is. There are about to be some changes on my blog, though, because I want to be able to sit my ass on the couch. Enjoy your time and do what YOU want to do.

    ps...maybe another reason you lose followers is because of word verification??? Just a thought... ;-)