Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!

Quick post, just wanted to get these up before the work week got in the way….






My little Woody and Jessie had a BLAST and Mama here is pretty fricking proud of her handiwork on their costumes. It’s amazing what some felt, two yards of fabric, an entire bottle of liquid stitch, and every curse word known to man can do. Eat your heart out, Martha Stewart. I think I’ll go reward myself by taste testing some of the kids’ candy…..




  1. The costumes are fantastic you may have put Martha to shame here--these are gorgeous costumes I'm waiting for a tutorial : ))


  2. I love their costumes! You did a great job and yes I'd also like a tutorial.

  3. What a great job on the costumes!! I never pictured you as a crafter..LOL! They look adorable.

  4. Oh wow. I didn't realize you made them. That's awesome!

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  6. Their costumes are adorable, and I feel sheepish writing that now that it is December and this was posted over a month ago. I don't know, guess I shouldn't feel too badly since you haven't posted since :) I miss me some Nic. Get back on it a little bit, girlfriend! :)