Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Time Warp

Wow, I really can't believe it has been almost two months since I last updated. Where does the time go?.... Even though that was supposed to be a rhetorical question, I'm going to answer it. It went to a million diaper changes, bottle feedings, crying fits, poop extractions, medicine dispensing, and general Baby R care. I'm happy to report that things have gotten better with the little guy and continue to get better bit by bit. He hit 3 months and the colic has finally gone away - THANK GOD - and surprise, surprise, he's finally learning how to poop on his own!!! Granted he does it a little too well now (on average 8-10 poopy diapers from the time he wakes up in the morning to bedtime and then sometimes 1 or 2 overnight), but I'll take what I can get. He goes to a pediatric GI at the end of next month so we'll see what he has to say. He's still on the Nutramigen for now and also Zantac, which is working wonders. He goes for a well baby checkup the 23rd and I think we're going to discuss trying him back on regular formula, but I'm a tad nervous to mess up the progress we've made. It's been a looooong road, trust me.

As far as my mental state goes, I'm also happy to report that it's getting better too. When you're baby finally kicks his 3-4 hour nightly screaming habit, you feel like a completely different person. Let me just throw it out there though that I totally get why Britney Spears shaved her head. Her baby probably wouldn't ever shut up either. lol. I got a part-time job at a kids' clothing store which I love b/c it gets me out of the house and around other adults. Plus, not gonna lie, I loooove that discount. My babies are stylin' and profilin' at 25% off the normal retail price.

I really can't believe Christmas is in 2.5 weeks. Even though I felt like I was pregnant for forever, this year has gone by rather quickly. Baby R will be 4 months on the 23rd already and my sweet (well, most of the time anyways) R turns 2 in a few months. It must be true that the older you get, the faster time goes. I will 27 on the 27th and I just can't wrap my mind around that. I feel so old. And on that sour note, I better get going. Baby is up from his nap and I need to get him before the squealing wakes up his sister.

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