Sunday, October 18, 2009

Don't tell Baby R...

that I'm on the computer. If he knows I'm trying to do something somewhat productive, he'll wake up and want to be held.

I haven't updated in a while. I just haven't had time. Poor Baby R is still having problems. Since the last time I wrote, we have been in the ped's office three more times, as well as the urgent care clinic twice. Here is as brief a synopsis as I can give: His pediatrician suspected that Baby R had a milk protein allergy and switched his formula to Nutramigen ($26 a 12 oz can. Ugh.). In the meantime, the antibiotic he was on for his toe started messing with his stomach and giving him explosive diarrhea. The yeast in the meds gave him thrush and in turn a horrible yeast diaper rash. He was then put on meds for that. When we were back in the peds office for the rash, his doctor took him off the antibiotic and instead gave him cream for his toes and also a cream for his rash. She told me to give it 7 days for the antibiotic to completely get of his system. Last weekend his poo was finally returning to normal, but he was back to the grunting and extreme fussiness. I took him BACK into the doctor last Monday and he was diagnosed with an ear infection. So just when his belly was finally recovering, he gets stuck on another antibiotic which inevitably did the same thing as the prior RX. His thrush also wasn't completely gone so he was prescribed a different medicine for that, but luckily it would cover both the thrush and the yeast rash that was probably going to come back from being on the amoxicillan. She also checked his rear and he's still having the anal spasms so back to the dilator four times a day. I feel so bad for the little guy. His ped asked me if he smiled very much at me. I told her occasionally, but that I wouldn't smile too much if I was in his shoes either. I am happy to report that I have been getting glimpes of what I think my baby will be like when everything is cleared up. He has been very smiley and talkative at times the last week. I can't wait until that's the norm.

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