Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Zombie Mom

I really think my child harbors ill feelings for me throughout the day and then inacts her revenge by not letting me sleep at night. I'm on Day 4 of getting less than three hours of sleep a night and it is keeeeling me. Unlike R, I don't get the luxury of taking a four hour nap to make up for the nightly lack of shut eye. It started in around 12:30 last night. I'd just hit that nice part of slumber where I was drooling on one of my six pillows and the whining began. I turned down the monitor, thinking/hoping/praying/begging she would just roll over and go back to sleep, but noooo. When I didn't immediately come fetch her from the confines of her crib, she upgraded to full-fledged crying, which then turned into the hysterical bawling that started to border on the edge of hyperventilating. DH was still awake watching TV, so you'd think he'd hear all the commotion and just go get her. But no, he has a penis and therefore is able to tune these things out. Instead I had to slowly roll my aching pregnant body out of bed - and when I say roll, I mean that literally. My hips hurt so bad that I just kind of have to fling myself over the edge and hope I land on my feet- to go to her room. I brought her into bed with me and then didn't doze off again until almost 3:00. I was up again at 3:33 when the whimpering commenced. She was due a dose of Motrin at that point so once again I fling myself out of bed and waddle/hobble like a pregnant zombie to the kitchen and back to get her some. Lemme tell ya, trying to get that spoon in her mouth was like trying to force feed a rabid dog. She was having no part of it. I thought I'd gotten a good amount of it down her throat, but as the fussing continued and 4:00 turned into 5:00 and 5:00 turned into daylight, it became apparent that most of it wound up in her hair. When my alarm went off at 7:00 and I was still laying there hoping to fall asleep, R sits up, says "Hiiiiii Mama!" and it's then I notice my 17 month old is rocking her very own Something about Mary 'do, courtesy of what I guesstimated to be about the whole damn teaspoon of Children's Motrin. *sigh* I'm taking her to the ped's this afternoon to see if there's a medical reason why she's moaning all night long, or if really is just because she's mad at me for not letting her eat ColorWonder markers.

Oh, before it slips my mind... My ob appointment yesterday: Yeah, still pregnant. Not much else to report. The best part is that they didn't even wind up doing the stupid Strep B test so I spent all that time in the bathroom the other night for NOTHING. The office's computer system keeps putting my due date at the 23rd instead of the 30th so they had me at 35 weeks instead of 34. It gets corrected every time I go in, but that's technology for ya I suppose. Either way, I won't be getting that test until next week. It also means that I didn't get an internal check to see if I was dilated at all. I was pretty bummed about and told my doctor as much so as a consolation of some sorts, he says to me, "Well, you've definitely dropped. You're more rectangular shaped now." Gee, thanks. I start going weekly from now on though and I get an ultrasound next week so at least I have that to look forward to. In the meantime, not much else I can do but take it day by day - or on days like today, minute by minute.


  1. Oh I do hope R gets better! You need all the sleep you can get before baby R arrives.

    At least you have a nice manicured lawn, so it wasn't neccessarily for nothing, lol. I get the luxury of having the Strep B done twice. It was sprung upon me at my 32 wk, with the Dr claiming he wanted to do it then just in case I deliver early since I have a 30% chance going preterm. Why he's doing it again at 36 wks is unbeknownst to me...Jeremy's theory is that the doc wants a peek...perv!

  2. Hahaha! He makes a living looking at vajayjay all day long, I doubt it phases him much!